An Infinite Voyage

An Infinite Voyage – a short visual effects video I created inspired by the Grand Tour missions of Voyager 1 & 2.  About 8 months, I had to purchase my own copy of After Effects, having always had it paid for by my previous company.   The cost of the software meant I also lost access to any particle systems, so I had to learn how to use AE’s native plugins.

I created An Infinite Voyager to demonstrate (to myself as much as anyone)  what is possible using After Effects and its native/included plugins:

I cheated a little, because I used Element 3D from Video Copilot for the Voyager probe.  I find it’s much, much easier to use than Cinema4D and renders in a way I prefer.

Something worth noting though, is that I had real problems trying to render out Saturn’s rings using After Effects.  Originally they were a 2D layer in AE, but something to do with their size in AE space or their size on screen prevented the comp from rendering.   I had the same problem when I switched to Element 3D.  It was only when I rebuilt Saturn again(!) in Cinema4D Lite that I was able to get any render out of the rings.


I’ve previously written about how you can get the look of the Nolan / Interstellar Blackhole using Cinema4D.  You can view that tutorial here

If you’re interested in recreating the Galaxy at the end of the video, I’ve published a tutorial on how to achieve that at




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