Makin’ Earth – storms, labels and auroras


Earth - Teaser.png

Here are three separate tutorials for adding extras to a 3D Earth using Video Copilot’s Orb. There’s no point in a tutorial in recreating Earth, as Andrew Kramer has already made an excellent tutorial covering that, so instead, I’ve focussed on adding some extras.

Some links you might find useful:

Andrew Kramer’s Ultra 3D Earth tutorial:

Video Copilot’s Orb plugin:

Makin’ Mercury using VC Orb:
Makin’ Mercury with CC Sphere:

Adding a hurricane:

Project file:

Adding a 3D Labels based on geographic coordinates:

Project file:

Adding an Aurora:


L=thisComp.layer(“Position NULL”);

CC Particle World Producers:

x=thisComp.layer(“Particles NULL”).transform.position[0]-thisComp.width/2;

y=thisComp.layer(“Particles NULL”).transform.position[1]-thisComp.height/2;

z=thisComp.layer(“Particles NULL”).transform.position[2];

Project file:

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