An ultimate guide to looping footage and compositions

Here’s another Adobe After Effects tutorial for you.  I created this tutorial after spotting quite a few posts from people new to AE who didn’t know about the options.  Then I started trying to come up with an utlimate, time-saving, plug-and-play expression that would take care of loop compositions for you.

And I succeeded!

I know, it suprised me as well!

Here’s the video which takes you through everything and underneath you find the expressions:

Project file:

Expressions used:
Basic method for Time Remapping: loopOut()

Ultimate method – Time Remapping:
tEnd = timeRemap.key(2);
loopOutDuration(type = “cycle”, duration = tEnd*1.8)

For auto-fading opacity:
t = timeRemap;
tEnd = t.key(2);

OriginalLengthofPreComp = tEnd.value;
CurrentLoopTimeAsPercentofOriginalPreComp = t*100/OriginalLengthofPreComp;

if (CurrentLoopTimeAsPercentofOriginalPreComp > 10) {
} else if (CurrentLoopTimeAsPercentofOriginalPreComp > 90) {
} else {

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