Makin’ Starfields

In this tutorial, I take a look at generating stars in Adobe After Effects. We start with a simple 2D starfield, but then use Fractal Noise to add atmospheric distortion (twinkling) and then I show how to save this effect as a preset, so it becomes really easy to reuse. Next, I take a look at wrapping those 2D stars around the inside of a Sphere to create a 360 starfield.

I use Video Copilot’s free Orb plugin.

Once it’s all set up, I then show how to use an expression to switch between 2D and 360. Finally, I create a 3D starfield you can fly through using CC Particle World, and another expression to make life much easier to control the amount of stars.

Project files:

(There’s a BONUS composition included: Star Trek TNG style warp stars)

Published by ShiveringCactus

Tutorials and videos, mainly After Effects, but with some 3D and puppetry stuff too.

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