Makin’ an animated Nebula with Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial, the first of three four of creating nebulas in Adobe After Effects, I start by getting an image of the Horsehead nebula from Nasa’s image galleries. I run it through Photoshop to remove the stars and background, using the Select Color Range, spot removal and background removal tools. Once cleaned, I drop it into After Effects and use CC Particle World to add dust, gases and 3D stars. Image credit: Nasa

Expression used:

if (time < thisComp.frameDuration) {

    effect(“Stars Amount”)(“Slider”)*40

} else {


Other videos referenced:

Linking CC Particle World to a 3D Null in After Effects: Makin’ Starfields:

Project file:

(Also includes the Pillars of Creation from the Eagle Nebula as a second comp)

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Tutorials and videos, mainly After Effects, but with some 3D and puppetry stuff too.

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