Makin’ an Eclipse

In this tutorial for Adobe After Effects, I use the Circle effect, Fractal Noise, Polar Coordinates and CC Light Rays to create a 2D solar eclipse.

Rather than keyframe everything, I use Expressions to drive all the different effects based on just two keyframes.

Project and Preset Download: (I have no idea if you can use the Preset without also needing Pseudo Effects Maker – apologies if that is the case, but you can still use the project file)

To install the preset, copy the FFX file to: “Documents\Adobe\After Effects 2020\User Presets”

Disclaimer: This is the first time I’ve shared a preset – I’m offering it to you for free, but use at your own risk.

Websites mentioned:

Solar Eclipses:

Pseudo Effects Maker:

Expression used:

MoonPos = effect("Moon position")("Point")[0]; 
SunPos = effect("Sun position")("Point")[0]; 
MoonRadius = effect("Radius")("Slider"); 
if (MoonPos-SunPos < MoonRadius && SunPos-MoonPos < MoonRadius) { 
    Width = thisComp.width/2; 
    X = Width + linear(SunPos, Width-MoonRadius*0.05, Width+MoonRadius*0.05, MoonRadius*-1, MoonRadius) 
} else { 
    X = SunPos; 
[X,effect("Sun position")("Point")[1]]

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Tutorials and videos, mainly After Effects, but with some 3D and puppetry stuff too.

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