Makin’ Text look like a Twitter post in After Effects

In this tutorial, I take a text layer, and add a bnuch of effects to make it look like a tweet. This technique creates a background for the text, adds rounded corners and an outline.

To add the Twitter logo, I use Auto-trace to convert the bird into a mask, before using an expression to anchor it in place next to the text.

Preset download:

@LongLiveMikey tutorial:

Expression used
//input variables – pickwhip tPath to your path and offsetPos to your null or expression controller
var tPath = mask("Mask 1").maskPath;
var offsetPos=effect("Circle")("Center");

var tPoints=[];
var InTan=[];
var OutTan=[];
var mPos=[offsetPos[0]-transform.position[0]-45,offsetPos[1]-transform.position[1]+10];
var tClosed=tPath.isClosed();

for(i=0;i < (tPath.points().length);i++){

createPath(tPoints, InTan, OutTan,tClosed)

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