Simulating a rope with Fake Dynamics in After Effects

This tutorial introduces you to a simple way to animate a rope, lasso, cape, cloth or even hair.

Fake Dynamics is the brainchild of Wasib Qureshi with help from Colin Harvie, Pchelovek1205 and Daniel Gies. It is a script which you can run inside Adobe After Effects to link nulls to a driver (parent) null and have them respond to it.

This is also my first YouTube collaboration ( sort of ) as I get interrupted by a real cowboy, Buffalo Billy who tells me how wrong I am when trying to lasso a goat. It’s bit of fun I hope you enjoy.

After the interruption, I explain where to find the AE Fake Dynamics script, how to install it and then show you a couple of simple ways to use it. I start with a dangling rope which sways around as I move the top of it. Next I quickly animate a very basic lasso looping around a goat’s neck and yanking it off screen.

During the tutorial I also make use of AE’s included script “Create Nulls from Paths” and Dan Ebbert’s Overshoot expression.

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