Destroying Earth with a Black Hole

This mega effect sequence combines mutliple techniques. So many in fact, it seemed sensible to break up the video into mutiple parts. In this first video, I start with  @Video Copilot  Ultra Earth 3D project and using their free Orb plugin combined with the Polar Coordinates effect, I reposition the map, so that CERN is at the center. This makes it much, much easier to add lots of circular damage.

In my video, I have a bit of fun, suggesting the scientists at CERN in Switzerland accidentally create a quantum singularity. First this starts pulling in all the air, then the cracks propagate across the crust, showing lava (or magma as its not on the surface ?). The cracks go through the oceans too, causing the water to foam and churn and creating giant waves which move towards the black hole. Eventually the air is all sucked in and the atmosphere fades. The crust turns to dust as it too is pulled in, exposing the now broken mantle and glowing core. Bit gloomy really.

Oh and a huge thank you and shout out to Birkoo for composing the music for this sequence:


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Tutorials and videos, mainly After Effects, but with some 3D and puppetry stuff too.

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