Using AI to create a space scene in After Effects

Tutorial showing how to use Midjourney A.I.

AI (or A.I.) is the new “game changer” tool available for digital artists. There’s lots of possibilities to explore with its use and in this video I show how to get started with Midjourney. You need a Discord account first, which you can then use to sign up for an account with Midjourney and accept an invite to the Beta program.

Currently, you’re allowed to generate 25 images for free, then you have to subscribe to the service (at the time of recording I’m on #19). Once I had created a range of space images, I then started cutting them up using masks in After Effects to create a scene. Finally I arranged the images in 3D space so that I could get a sense of depth as I animated them.


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Tutorials and videos, mainly After Effects, but with some 3D and puppetry stuff too.

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