How to export an animated GIF from Adobe After Effects

An investigation into all the different ways to make animated image files. Turns out there is more than one option to create a GIF from Adobe After Effects. In this video, I run an example H.264 MP4 video through all the different options I could find. And all the differences within those options. After EffectsContinue reading “How to export an animated GIF from Adobe After Effects”

Display a web page in After Effects

This tutorial shares several different ways to show internet pages in Adobe After Effects. This video covers a frequent problem many AE artists struggle with, namely what is the best way to show a webpage in your compositions. I share a free (but good) screen recorder and then show you an extension for Google ChromeContinue reading “Display a web page in After Effects”

Makin’ Text Messages in Adobe After Effects

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to recreate the look of an SMS Text Message conversation in Adobe After Effects, using nested comps and shape layer and absolutely loads of really simple expressions. I’ll take you through each step, showing how to control the visibility, position and even colour of each message,Continue reading “Makin’ Text Messages in Adobe After Effects”

Makin’ Social Media icons / buttons in After Effects

This is a really quick way of sharing links to your social media in your videos. These buttons animate on screen, show your tag / username / text then disappear. All with just one setting to change. These callouts let you direct your audience to how to find you or your friends across the web.Continue reading “Makin’ Social Media icons / buttons in After Effects”

Makin’ YouTube Comments in Adobe After Effects

In this tutorial, I’m going to show how you can take the text of Youtube comment and create a precomp to match the look. I’ll show how to use an expression to control the widget of the text box and how you can use Adobe’s Essential Graphics to make this precomp resuable. This looks wayContinue reading “Makin’ YouTube Comments in Adobe After Effects”

Makin’ Text look like a Twitter post in After Effects

In this tutorial, I take a text layer, and add a bnuch of effects to make it look like a tweet. This technique creates a background for the text, adds rounded corners and an outline. To add the Twitter logo, I use Auto-trace to convert the bird into a mask, before using an expression toContinue reading “Makin’ Text look like a Twitter post in After Effects”