Making an alien planet using Video Copilot Orb

An After Effects tutorial. In this video, I show my preferred way of creating a texture for a new world. Rather than get stuck trying to force Fractal Noise to create randomness, I simply take a photo of a paving slab and once cropped show how to use masks and the colorama effect to quicklyContinue reading “Making an alien planet using Video Copilot Orb”

Using AI to create a space scene in After Effects

Tutorial showing how to use Midjourney A.I. AI (or A.I.) is the new “game changer” tool available for digital artists. There’s lots of possibilities to explore with its use and in this video I show how to get started with Midjourney. You need a Discord account first, which you can then use to sign upContinue reading “Using AI to create a space scene in After Effects”

Andrew Kramer’s recipe for an Orb Atmosphere

An After Effects tutorial using Video Copilot Orb plugin. Andrew Kramer’s awesome Orb plugin makes making planets really easily. The plugin allows you to take texture maps, bump maps and even illumination maps and create realistic planets. I’ve gone so far as to publish an entire series of tutorials creating all the planets in theContinue reading “Andrew Kramer’s recipe for an Orb Atmosphere”

Recreating the Genesis Effect from Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan

An Adobe After Effects tutorial KHAAAAAAAAAN! In this video, I look at how to recreate the iconic Genesis Effect as simulated by some of the very first CGI in movies. Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan (1982) used a Cray supercomputer to render the minute long sequence. The shot was reused in bothContinue reading “Recreating the Genesis Effect from Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan”

Creating a Gas Giant / Neptune in After Effects

Two simple techniques to create a cool looking planet. Part of my Makin’ Planets playlist. In this tutorial I look at two ways to create a gaseous surface for a Gas Giant planet. In the first example, I take stock footage of smoke from  Production Crate  , and position in it 3D space. Then IContinue reading “Creating a Gas Giant / Neptune in After Effects”

Eclipse from Space / Moon Shadows in After Effects

A tutorial which uses Video Copilot’s free Orb plugin. In this video forAdobe After Effects, I first demonstrate how to link a moon to a planet using null objects, parenting and the Orb effect. Then I combine the Circle and Offset effects with a Linear expression to range map a shadow to follow a planet.Continue reading “Eclipse from Space / Moon Shadows in After Effects”

Destroying Earth with a Black Hole

This mega effect sequence combines mutliple techniques. So many in fact, it seemed sensible to break up the video into mutiple parts. In this first video, I start with  @Video Copilot  Ultra Earth 3D project and using their free Orb plugin combined with the Polar Coordinates effect, I reposition the map, so that CERN isContinue reading “Destroying Earth with a Black Hole”

Create a Supernova in After Effects

From star collapse to light burst to nebula formation all in one sequence. In this tutorial, I build on some of my earlier videos to create a supernova (a massive star explosion). After a preview of what we’re going to build, I sprinkle in a few facts about these stellar phenomena then dive into theContinue reading “Create a Supernova in After Effects”

Make a Podrace in After Effects

A tutorial using Particles to create multiple rock arches. Borrowing from the Pod-Racing scene in Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace, this tutorial shows how to use either Trapcode Particular or CC Particle World to create a particle tunnel. I then use 2.5D images to create a desert floor, CC Environment to create aContinue reading “Make a Podrace in After Effects”

Create a Doctor Who (2010) Time Vortex in After Effects

A Trapcode Particular and CC Particle World tutorial. Geronimo! Fly down the time tunnel as seen by Matt Smith’s timelord. Avoid the storm clouds, lightning strikes and plunge into fire. This Adobe After Effects tutorial aims to recreate Framestore’s iconic title sequence which reimagined the time vortex. Part of the Makin’ Wormhole series, I showContinue reading “Create a Doctor Who (2010) Time Vortex in After Effects”