Pontiac (C4D)

Time to break the ice and actually post some of our Cinema 4D work.

It’s based on the Pontiac Firebird (1967 ish) – I’ll freely admit I haven’t been too dead set on perfect accuracy or detail, as it’s not really ‘for’ anything other than the practice.  Not least because my previous attempt at modelling a car looked like this:

So… yeah.  I think this one has turned out better.  Ahem.

It’s still a WIP in theory (aren’t all models?) but I think I’m done with it for now.

Making the Sun (and controlling it using Xpresso) in Cinema4D

It’s always nice to pass on knowledge.  So many people have helped me over the years by posting tutorials.  When I developed a method for creating a star for space scenes, I decided to contact CreativeCow and offered them this tutorial.

The tutorial starts with the limitations of using a simple lens flare and goes on to show what can be achieved with the noise options for visible lights.

Making the Sun (and controlling it using Xpresso) in Cinema 4D

After Effects: Using the Liquify Filter to Create Movement

A few years ago, I wrote a tutorial for Creative Cow about the Liquify filter in Adobe After Effects. At the time of writing the filter had only recently been included and no one had seemed to notice. I stumbled across it and realised just how powerful it could be.

Here’s a link to the tutorial

Using the Liquify Filter in AE 6.5 to Create Movement