Makin’ an Interstellar style Black Hole

This is a sequel to my earlier tutorial, where I showed how to use Expressions, Mathematics and Bulge to create a Black Hole similar to Gargantua depicted in Christopher Nolan’s movie: Interstellar. This tutorial focusses on using the included CC Particle World to generate an accretion disc, then uses Bulge to warp the disc. TheContinue reading “Makin’ an Interstellar style Black Hole”

How to change the corner radius of a rounded rectangle in After Effects

Here’s a really short, mythbusting tip. Recieved wisdom is that when drawing a rounded rectangle mask, once you let go, you can’t change the radius. Turns out you can! In this mini tutorial I cover changing the radius while drawing, altering it afterwards and also show how Shape Layers make this much easier than masks.

Linking CC Particle World to a 3D Null in After Effects

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you make the most of AE’s built-in particle system. CC Particle World works in 3D space, but its coordinate system is different the rest of After Effects. Use the expressions below to solve that problem by adding them to the Producer settings. Expressions: Position X: x=thisComp.layer(“Null 1”).transform.position[0]-thisComp.width/2; x/thisComp.width; PositionContinue reading “Linking CC Particle World to a 3D Null in After Effects”