Using the Golden Sprial / Fibonacci Spiral in After Effects

The Golden Ratio / Spiral is a well known and useful tool when designing compositions. It frequently appears in nature which may explain why when we frame shots and images to line up with the spiral we find them asthetically pleasing. You should not feel you always have to use the Golden Spiral – insteadContinue reading “Using the Golden Sprial / Fibonacci Spiral in After Effects”

Makin’ Text look like a Twitter post in After Effects

In this tutorial, I take a text layer, and add a bnuch of effects to make it look like a tweet. This technique creates a background for the text, adds rounded corners and an outline. To add the Twitter logo, I use Auto-trace to convert the bird into a mask, before using an expression toContinue reading “Makin’ Text look like a Twitter post in After Effects”

Create an Arrow / Pointer preset for After Effects

Here’s a really quick way to use Shape Layers to make an arrow preset you can use to point to anything in Adobe After Effects. There are a couple of expressions, but it’s straight-forward and once you’ve built your preset, you’ll always have an arrow / pointer / thing you can use to draw people’sContinue reading “Create an Arrow / Pointer preset for After Effects”

Text Box Background Preset in After Effects

This quick tutorial shows you how to combine several effects to generate a background for any text layer you add to an After Effects comp. Once you’ve made the simple version, you can save it as an Animation Preset. I then go on to show how to use a Gradient Ramp in the preset toContinue reading “Text Box Background Preset in After Effects”

Makin’ an Eclipse

In this tutorial for Adobe After Effects, I use the Circle effect, Fractal Noise, Polar Coordinates and CC Light Rays to create a 2D solar eclipse. Rather than keyframe everything, I use Expressions to drive all the different effects based on just two keyframes. Project and Preset Download: (I have no idea if youContinue reading “Makin’ an Eclipse”