Hi, I'm ShiveringCactus.  Pleased to meet you.
I've been using Adobe After Effects for 20 years.  Mainly as a hobby, but sometimes professionally. Unfortunately for me, my current job doesn't really need VFX.  So for the first time ever a couple of years ago, I had to start paying for Adobe CC myself!  I know... shocking.  But what I learned was that there are so many times when I would reach for an expensive plugin or look for some stock footage when actually, AE had the capability all along. 
In 2019, I started a tutorial series (Makin' Planets) with the following aims:
1 - Keep the tutorials short (Most of the time people only need one element explained and then they can take over the artistry.)
2 - Provide project files where possible (Sometimes you're just in a rush and need something done for you.)
3 - Wherever possible only use the included plugins or free ones (Us hobbyists need to stick together, we don't have studio money to burn.)
I had such a fun time making the solar system, that I then decided to keep making tutorials, explaining the basics of After Effects in short, fun guides for the complete beginner.  CreativeCow.net asked if I would be willing to make it an exclusive to their channel and I was honoured.
I'm still making tutorials, check out my YouTube channel - I'd be thrilled if you decided to subscribe.
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