Ultra 3D Sun using Video Copilot Element
Create a Pulsar in After Effects
Create Zero-G fire / Unstable Sun
Create an Aurora in After Effects (no plugins required)
Create a 360 gallery of your Astrophotography images
Animate Astrophotography Nebulas
How to fly through space using Astrophotography
Recreate the Nexus from Star Trek Generations
The Genesis Effect from Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan
Destroying planet Earth with a Black Hole
Using AI to create a space scene in After Effects
Makin' a 3D Comet in After Effects with no plugins
Meteor / atmospheric re-entry in After Effects
Create an Eclipse in After Effects
Creating a 3D Asteroid Belt in After Effects
Fly through a Galaxy using Trapcode Particular
3D Spiral Galaxy using CC Particle World
Create a Supernova in After Effects
CC Particle World Nebula in After Effects
3D Nebula using C4D, After Effects and Photoshop
Use Photoshop to make a nebula for After Effects
Briar Patch-style nebula from Star Trek Insurrection
2D, 360 and 3D Stars in After Effects
Makin' the Sun using Video Copilot Orb
Making an alien planet using Video Copilot Orb
Create an Interstellar Black Hole in After Effects
Interstellar Black Hole using Expressions
An Infinite Voyage
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