Take a trip through space, flying past stars to observe amazing nebula up close and in 3D. In this video, I've collaborated with Astrobloke to create an animated sequence based on his astrophotography. 
I walk you through two different approaches to adding depth to 2D images of nebula and use  @AdobeVideo  After Effects. This is building on the first part of the tutorial, where I had arranged one image in 3D space. Here I use a displacement map, animated in time with a camera move to imply 3D distortion. I follow this up with a demonstration of how to cut out a part of a 2D nebula and use that to create a paralax view. 
One element I didn't talk about, but is visible in the promo are the light streaks. For those, I shamlessly just added the free Godrays effect from ProductionCrate

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