Use After Effects to take your Astrophotography to a whole new level! If you're a photographer looking to create a gallery of your space images, you'll be able to show your viewers a completely new way to view your galaxies and nebulae, giving a sense of how they look from all directions. 
If you're interested in using After Effects for VR / 360 / immersive videos, I walk you through all the steps needed and share a few tips to help you get started! 
The first steps are setting up a VR Environment, then I make a precomp to hold a nebula image. And then we turn that precomp into an Essential Graphic, allowing you to reuse it for each of your images. With everything set up, I then show how to place each picture in 3D space and then render the video, including making sure it's tagged as VR for YouTube.

See it in action:   

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