In this tutorial, we're going to travel from one point in space to another. 
Is this true,scientific representation of travelling through a wormhole? Probably not, but it's based on some concepts for tranversible wormholes. This video builds on previous tutorials and assumes you're comfortable with creating a 360 space scene. Let me know in the comments if you'd like me to do more tutorials around this (360 stars tutorial: ). 
I start with two separate comps, each showing a different universe or region of space. Then using the free 3D Precompose script from Video Copilot, I link cameras in each comp. And then use a 3D mask to cut a hole out in one comp to see the other. Then I dress up the look of the wormhole using an adjustment layer with a reuse of the same mask but altered using Essential Graphics. I use the Bulge effect for distortion, but this is 2D effect, so I reuse the formula I came up with for the Black Hole tutorial ( ) to convert it into a 3D effect.

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