A Trapcode Particular and CC Particle World tutorial. Geronimo! Fly down the time tunnel as seen by Matt Smith's timelord. Avoid the storm clouds, lightning strikes and plunge into fire. 
This Adobe After Effects tutorial aims to recreate Framestore's iconic title sequence which reimagined the time vortex. Part of the Makin' Wormhole series, I show how to adapt the Wormhole projects to by changing their textures. Then using a nifty expression covered in those tutorials, I show how to add lightning within the clouds and how to change the tunnel from the tornado to the flames.

Dan Ebbert's expression for altering the radius based on keyframes:
fadetime = 0.1;
dur = 0.2;
p = effect("Tunnel Position (%)")("Slider");
val = 0; if(p.numKeys > 0){
    n = p.nearestKey(time).index;
    if(p.key(n).time > time) {
    if(n > 0){
        t = p.key(n).time;
        if(time < t+dur){
            val = linear(time, t, t+fadetime, -70, 80);
        } else {
            val = linear(time, t+dur, t+dur+fadetime, 80, -70);

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