Welcome to my series on learning Unreal Engine for Adobe After Effects users. I've been learning how to use Unreal Engine, the free to use gaming engine which is being used more and more for video production. It's an awesome, exciting tool with a really steep initial learning curve. But once you understand the basics, you'll suddenly find you can do so much, so easily, especially if you also set up Quixels Megascans bridge and use their megascans assets. 
Other videos on this subject assume you either know Unreal and want to start video production, or you want to use Unreal to make games. This video assumes you don't know Unreal at all and want to use it to make videos! In the previous video in this series talked you through getting set up, including how to correctly sign up with Quixels Megascans, this video shows two things:
    - How to sculpt landscapes 
    - How to use Quixels textures to paint these landscapes.

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