Merry December 25th! I hope you've had a good year. Please tell me you've had a good year and are enjoying your culture's winter festivals. This video is publishing on Christmas Day - I noticed from my calendar that my upload schedule meant my next video was going to be on that day and it didn't seem quite right to share a video about breaking out of a loop expression (expect that one earily in 2024). This also coincided with me checking through old tutorial's on for another video ( the one about planar shockwaves: ) and I stumbled across a gem from 2007 by Maltaannon. In that video, he shows how to create a map for particle playground using the difference map effect, but I realised you could also create maps for text, landscapes and people using other methods - which is what I'm sharing here. In this video, I start with a text layer, add ground and show how to use gradients to create effectiviely a 3D map. Then I use the little used Particle Playground and its persistent property manager to get snow to land on the letters.

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