I've taken another run at creating hologram beams (which could also be used for a movie projector). In my original tutorial I used lots of CC Radial Blur, which almost worked, but here I show a completely different technique which it's simple to set up and really adaptable - it's all based on the Corner Pin effect, but rather than leave it there, I show first how to get a "Star Wars" hologram look, then I build up a number of effects all on one layer, so that I can save it as a preset.
Force to centre of comp:
X = thisComp.width/2;
Y = thisComp.height/2; [X,Y]
Corner Pin Lower Left:
X = effect("Corner Pin")("Upper Left")[0];
Y = effect("Corner Pin")("Upper Left")[1]+1;
Corner Pin Upper Right:
X = effect("Hologram Layer")("Layer").transform.position[0]+effect("Offset Object width")("Slider");
Y = effect("Hologram Layer")("Layer").transform.position[1]-effect("Hologram Layer")("Layer").height/2;

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