"I’m not too sure if it is liquid motion but it’s probably the best description I can give of it. I want to have a 2D circle to fall as a liquid reach the bottom of the frame and them come back up in a square; all in 2D."
Jp Pelc on CreativeCow.net back in 2014. 
"[For] nearly 10 years ago, [this has] been a lifesaver. I use this technique all the time! You are a true champion in this world of motion graphics"
Jp Pelc in 2024.

This tutorial is one of those "hidden gems", a really simple tip that makes a big difference to all sorts of projects. I'm going to follow the steps that Jp Pelc spelled out, to have a shape change from a circle to a square, but rather than animate the path (which is a viable option) I'm going to use Fast Box Blur and Simple Choker to create an effective morph. 
I'll also demonstrate how the same technique can morph text or create drips.

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