Also, rotating text in circle, text around a sphere and animated text on any path. 
In this tutorial for Adobe After Effects, I answer one of the most asked questions I see on forums: "How do I get text to go in a circle?". Text layers can have masks applied to them and they have a Path option, so it's really simple to draw a circular mask and then have the text wrap around it. I talk through the options, but there is an issue that it is still awkward to smoothly rotate the text layer as it will not be perfectly centered / centred. I share a method to ensure the layer's anchor point is in the exact center /centre, making it easy to rotate. 
I also quickly show how to animate the text on any path by drawing a squiggly line and using the First Margin and finally, I use a pre-comp to wrap text around a sphere. 
To copy the sphere in the title card, with the text larger than the Earth, simply make 2 layers and in CC Sphere radius settings, set the Text sphere to be slightly larger and the type to be Outside only.
[Edit: Yeah, I know I've changed the name, but my wife hated it and the joke was starting to get old. Plus this brings these videos inline with my other two series, Makin' and Startin']

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