This tutorial shows you how to animate characters in the Video Copilot plugin for Adobe After Effects. 
VC Element is a great way to easily animated 3D objects inside #AfterEffects and while it can import C4D files, this imported animation is limited to position, scale and rotation. To get animated #characters in Element, you have to import an OBJ sequence - separate files for each frame of animation. If you have full Cinema4D Studio, you cannot export directly, but you can use a script (links below). C4D Lite does not have character animation. If you're using Blender, then it is a lot easier. 
This video takes you through all the steps involved in exporting from C4D using a script, then importing the OBJ sequence into Element. Finally, I show how to export 3D characters from Mixamo, import these animations into Blender, then export for Element.

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