Use this reference card to get your CG elements the right size and color. 
Here's a short tutorial and giveaway of a digital (and physical) asset I use to help me composite greenscreened actors and CGI elements into a physical scene. The card helps me determine the scale and white balance for 3D objects. It also provides a focus reference, to help match to footage. 
This tutorial covers using the reference cards in Adobe After Effects, Video Copilot Element 3D and the included Lumetri Color, Camera Lens Blur and Match Grain effects. I demonstrate how to composite the free Star Wars BB-8 model from VC’s Star Pack into a regular shot.
[Edit: Yeah, I know I've changed the name, but my wife hated it and the joke was starting to get old. Plus this brings these videos inline with my other two series, Makin' and Startin']

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