A tutorial which uses  Video Copilot Orb. 
In this video for After Effects, I first demonstrate how to link a moon to a planet using null objects, parenting and the Orb effect. Then I combine the Circle and Offset effects with a Linear expression to range map a shadow to follow a planet. 
This means I get to avoid ray-tracing, heavy render times and can adapt the eclipse size / moon shadow pretty quickly. I can also use this technique to cast words or even spaceship shadows on a planet. 
After talking you through all of the above, I then show how to apply it to a Earth model you have already set up.
Dan Ebberts' toWorld:
L=thisComp.layer("Emitter Position");
Linear Offset:
X = linear(thisComp.layer("Moon Rotation NULL").transform.yRotation,-90,3,1100,-100);
Y = linear(thisComp.layer("Moon Rotation NULL").transform.zRotation,-30,30,1000,0);

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