No plugins needed to recreate this look. 
"Scotty, beam me up!". Coming up with a unique teleport / teleportation / vampire dusting look for your movie can be tricky, but CC Particle Systems II gives you lots of different looks, just by tweaking a few settings. When you combine this with Block Dissovle, you can get a really interesting, organic fade up, all done in @Adobe Video & Motion After Effects.
To isolate your subject from the background, which can be done really simply by locking your camera on a tripod to film a background plate. Have your actor step into frame, then use masks or the rotobrush to cut them out. Once you have them on a separate layer, it's easy to come up with different ways to fade them out.
Included in the project download is the example from the title card and the two other examples, including the vampire dusting effect.

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